Along the frozen shores of Ten Mile Run near Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, we at Ten Mile Mushrooms began experimenting with different methods of cultivating fruits and vegetables during the cold months when fresh produce is often scarce. We soon fell passionately in love with the beauty and complexity of fungi and mycology. Many have said growing mushrooms is the marriage of art and science. As a smaller company raising a variety of species of mushrooms, we take extreme pride in the quality and care of each product we produce. 

Every item found on our page is started from microscopically small spores. All of the multi-level processes of growing mushrooms are done here, on our land, in our own lab. We bring the ability to grow your own fresh produce to you, all year long! 

Our mushroom strains are all commercially proven and fruitful. Our Blue Oysters and Lions Mane in particular hit the 2 lb mark many days on their first flush, albeit growing in the right conditions. Our products are what goes in our grow room, so you'll never be receiving seconds or lower quality blocks than what we will be using that day.

We are excited to continue this journey of mushroom enlightenment, teaching and learning all along the way. Every day we are learning new techniques and gaining more fungal knowledge. We are striving to break the negative connotations surrounding mushrooms and fungus in the United States and the world in general, hoping our urban farming techniques bring more fresh produce and beauty to all.  Join us in beginning your own adventure growing mushrooms at home or adding variety to your farm. Mushroom farming is indeed a wonder of nature and small scale farming. As always, keep on mushin'!

-Ten Mile Mushroom Staff