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Farm to Table to you.

Crisp Crop is poised to become the first online marketplace connecting the farmer to the consumer, holding fast to our “once handled produce” policy and the soul of farm to table. Our vision is to connect farmers to clientele and give consumers the option to order directly from the source. We are currently working on solidifying packaging options, connecting with farms, and creating a brand name that will stick with consumers. The agricultural industry is changing and we are looking to be on the front lines of this expansive market. Our goal is to give small farmers a voice when they original would not have had one. The craze for produce to your door step is strengthening, people are becoming more health conscious, and an industry has never been more ready to rocket into the 21st century. Since starting our own farm and becoming familiar with the online market, we’ve realized just how easy shipping can be and are wondering why more farmers are not taking advantage of this opportunity. Well, our bet is because there is not a significant marketplace that allows them to showcase their products, whilst giving them the skills to utilize the technological world. The focus will be on farmers and for farmers. As our networks grow, produce to the consumer will become more localized and regional. A real online network, marketplace, and leader are what the farming industry has been missing. Here’s how it works. Feel free to contact us with inquiries, comments, and advice!

Giving farmers the ability to  ship produce from the farm.

Giving farmers the ability to

ship produce from the farm.

Step 1

Inspire. Educate. Connect.

Using our innovative marketing, advertising, and networking practices we will connect with the people who want real, fresh, from the farm produce to their doorstep. A place where fresh produce can be sold and purchased, cutting out the inefficiency of “box produce” and transporting heaping mounds of preserved fruits and vegetables. Farms will be at the forefront of the main hub, giving customers an upfront view of where their food is really coming from and the people who work so hard to make it happen.

Our team will be working alongside farmers to propel their operations into the modern era. We will directly train farmers to make shipping easy and seamless. They will be brought up to date on how to use shipping software, pack produce, and get it out to customers efficiently and timely. We will provide informational packets and instructions to everyone involved. Farmers may be asked to contribute a (small) start up fee to pay for shipping supplies (branded and shipped directly to them) and other attributes. We want most of the burden off of those who grow our food and this process is still being flattened out! Connecting with farmers around the country, we will create vast network, ensuring the farm to table name remains intact.

Handled Once.  A True Farm to Table Experience.

Handled Once.

A True Farm to Table Experience.

Step 2

Ordered. Packed. With Love.

A big heaping box of random produce to your door? Nah. The consumer selects what they want.

Crisp Crop will be a hub for farmers and consumers. Orders will come into our main website and a notification will be sent to the farmer. We need farmers with some variety and we plan on rotating farms to ensure customers will not have to pay shipping for orders coming from all over. We would like to obtain a diverse group, certified organic and others who just farm the land with their own two hands (this information will be made available to customers)

We’ve been asked why would a farmer want to package single amounts of produce? The answer is simple. Retail versus Wholesale prices are outrageously skewed. In our market alone (mushrooms), a pound of oyster mushrooms may go for $15 dollars a pound at a fresh market, while the USDA lists the same mushroom at $1.56 a pound wholesale. Here you can see the average mushroom prices per pound (including button and specialty mushrooms). The average in the USA being paid to mushroom farmers is $1.34 per pound!

Why is all of this money getting thrown out the window and not to our farmers? We believe the answer is inefficiency. This day in age it is completely possibly for farms to be thriving enterprises at the helm of innovation and the economy.


Watch the video to hear our vision!

Arriving at your door fresh!

Arriving at your door fresh!

Step 3

Delivered. To. Your. Door.

Produce handled by one farmer shows up at your doorstep a day or two after being ordered. Pristine, brilliant, vibrant. Handled once and never sitting in a warehouse. We are hoping to facilitate with a large shipping distributor (hopefully FedEx (: ) to make this dream of low cost, simple shipping, a reality. The ease of use of modern day shipping systems and the accessibility to connect with farms and people across the country make our task of networking even easier. Our systems can be curated and catered to fit this industry and create the most expansive food network this Earth has ever seen.

No one has yet to take the farm to table industry and deliver it to your doorstep. Many are working with random boxed orders, inefficient delivery routes, and high priced food plans, but no one has yet to give the farmers the power they deserve as the hard working people who keep this country running. We are here to do just that and we hope you can be apart of this epic journey!

This system, process, and method are now Patent Pending and we will be holding the rights to this novelty platform soon!

Help us get to our goals of launching this revolution sooner than later and contribute to the cause!